Founded by performance poet, Tomy Bewick, in 2004 as a means to network his  Poetry/Arts/Music/Fashion ambitions with people of like Mind/Heart/Spirit/Vision in and around the Greater Toronto Area: It is now a non­profit organization with 6 board members and room for expansion and aims for charitable status are in the works.

The annual multi-media showcase ran for 7 years each April, and has included independent fashion shows, live art, video turntablism, live hip hop and soul, poetry slams, open mic, dance performances and more. It is different every year and advance tickets usually go on sale late January.

OMRE is also responsible for "Straight to the Streets"; an annual clothing drive for the less fortunate in and around downtown Toronto. Running for 7 years strong; this annual event always inspires and aims to reach as many people in need as possible, with warm clothing and compassionate care. Donations are accepted starting in late August.

OMRE's latest venture has been an annual Provincial Team Poetry Slam, in collaboration with Cytopoetics. In the summer of 2013 the 2nd annual event attracted 8 National teams from across the Province and awarded approximately $1000 in Cash Prizes. 

OMRE is associated with and does business on a regular basis with: Graphic Designers, DJ's, Musicians, Spoken Word Artists, Custom Clothiers and many more... If you are looking for an artistic or professional service; let us know how we can help: we'll always give it our best try or point you in the right direction.

We're always looking for DIY's and grassroots movements to network with so don't be shy to drop a line if you think there's potential....

Keep an open mind and remember to respect the event that is your life; one day at a time: making change, by being it.
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